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Sunny Corner Enterprises president thanks workers for award

Miramichi Leader SAMANTHA MAGEE 

MIRAMICHI (11/20/2013) — Sunny Corner Enterprises was one of eight New Brunswick companies to receive an INNOV8 award at a ceremony in Saint John on Tuesday night.

The Miramichi-based firm won in the category of Innovation in Industrial Fabrication and the company’s president, Gordie Lavoie accepted the award from Bruce Fitch, Minister of Economic Development.

Lavoie told the Miramichi Leader he accepted the award on behalf of all of Sunny Corner Enterprise’s 80-plus employees at all three manufacturing plants.

“It’s not just about Sunny Corner or myself as president… It’s the people on the shop floor and on the field who do the things they do so that we can compete on a global scale. My contribution is a small piece of what makes it work,” he said.

Lavoie said it’s hard to quantify just exactly the effects the award will have on the business, but he is proud to be president of a company recognized in the field of innovative thinking.

“It’s significant in the fact that it’s about innovation in the workplace and our corporate culture, we try to instill an environment that creates innovative thinking… It’s difficult to determine the value sometimes in those type of awards but it really is a form of validation.”

When asked if he thought one particular project made Sunny Corner Enterprises sand out, Lavoie said that their contract with Sandvik Mining certainly came to mind. Sunny Corner enterprises dabbles in multiple fields including: power generation, oil and gas, mining, pulp and paper and nuclear energy. Their contract with Sandvik includes assembling the exploration drill rigs and manufacturing the drill rods, which takes place at all three manufacturing facilities.

Lavoie and five other Sunny Corner Enterprises representatives were on hand at the awards ceremony and Lavoie said a few employees remained in Saint John Wednesday to continue attending workshops on innovation that included lectures, presentations and guest speakers.

Lavoie said he would also like to thank the provincial government for supporting the manufacturing sector both financially and through networking opportunities. He said Sunny Corner was able to expand their operations with such government assistance that is in turn helping boost the New Brunswick economy.

“We continue to stay focused on advancing the economy and getting work for our people, so that’s important,” said Lavoie. “Financial assistance is part of the package but trade missions, match ups between potential customers and businesses were also made available (by the provincial government). They’re willing to create a culture in N.B. where it’s more accessible and friendly to manufacturing companies.”

In a news release it said the awards were an important part of showcasing the businesses that were integral to rebuilding New Brunswick’s sagging economy.

“We are proud to recognize these top entrepreneurs who continue to be innovative, produce world-class products and services and help promote our province,” read the release.

The other seven INNOV8 award winners included: Innovation Excellence in Aerospace and Defence: FFG Canada; Innovation Excellence in Biosciences: LuminUltra Technologies; Innovation Excellence in Info and Communications Technology: Introhive Services; Innovation Excellence in Value-Added Food: Atlantic Potato Distributors; Innovation Excellence in Value-Added Wood: Los Cabos; Most Innovative Start-Up 2013: Mycodev Group and Excellence in Fostering Innovation: Propel ICT.